The Roaster
Photos taken at different times that represent the inside and outside of the 1000 Faces roaster at Barber Street in Athens, Georgia, showcasing their style and unique shop.
Small wares selection, including menus, mugs, and shirts that I designed for the roaster.
Front of house menu designed and hand lettered by me.
Product photography
Various photos that were taken for the purpose of marketing and advertising for the roaster.
Product shot for notNeutral coffee mugs with my custom illustration.
Product shot for 1000 Faces nitro cold brew
Staged photoshoot for "Sensory Exploration" event.
Staged photoshoot for "Aeropress" brew school event.
Jorge Nupan promotional flags for new coffee release.
Photoshoot for 1000 Faces barista mixology series, featuring Ben Bowdoin's "The Leeloo"
Promotional Photography
for Partners
1000 Faces prides itself on its relationship with its partners. These photos are to showcase local businesses that serve or sell 1000 Faces Coffee products.
Big City Bread, Athens, Ga.
Heirloom Cafe and Fresh Market, Athens, Ga.
The Daily Co-Op, Athens, Ga. Featuring 1000 Faces cold brew.
Opa Robby's Fresh Market
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