Born in El Paso, Texas and raised between the suburbs of Atlanta and the summer camps of New England, Caitlin has the most generic American accent you can ever hope to have. Her unconventional path through college allowed for an education beyond the classroom (with a side-step into French and Physics) with time devoted to travel and personal exploration in her art. This balance between academic and experiential education has been invaluable in shaping her work.
Caitlin has worked as a Design Editor at the Red & Black newspaper, an illustrator and designer for a variety of UGA publications, as an in-house designer for 1000 Faces Coffee, and a freelancer in illustration & web design for clients such as Bustle, KudzuCreative, and Northwestern University. She has also been involved in non-profit projects with UGA’s Women’s Studies Student OrganizationNortheast Georgia Farm to School, Project Safe, and Insights El Paso Science Center.
Currently, Caitlin works with the team at Viva + Impulse Creative Co. in El Paso, Texas as a graphic designer and serves as Communication Coordinator on the AIGA El Paso board of directors. As part of AIGA, the professional association for design, she has participated in the EMERGE 2.0 collaborative workshop with designers from 15+ chapters from around the country to develop outreach programming for AIGA.
Contact Caitlin for more information about her work or just to say hello! Whether you’re a designer, artist, student, or business owner, feel free to reach out.
2016, 1st Place NAADA Publications & Project
2016, Excellence Gold Award in Exhibit Design
2014, FBI Foundation Scholar Award
Society Of Formal Special Agents Of The FBI
2013, Red & Black Fields Scholarship
The Red & Black