Meow Wolf is a themed entertainment and arts company that started from an art collective in 2008. Based in Santa Fe, it is comprised of over 400 employees creating and supporting art across a variety of media.
Meow Wolf’s Kaleidoscape takes passengers on an interactive, artist-driven voyage from minimal to maximal and back again. Riders use semi-quantum technology to bring the environment to life as they help a tiny point of light in its journey to become a planet-sized hyper being. Located in downtown Denver, Colorado at Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park, Kaleidoscape was named in both USA Today and Los Angeles Times as one of the most-anticipated new rides of 2019.
Working closely with Creative Director Emily Montoya, designer Luke Dorman, and the art team at Meow Wolf, I helped create the branding, signing and murals for Kaleidoscape. I also worked closely with the marketing team to spread the word about the ride and it's relation to the new exhibit coming to Denver in 2021.
Logo sketches for Kaleidoscape - Luke Dorman, Caitlin LeMoine
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