The Real Unreal is a liminal space between multiverses, filled to the brim with art and storytelling. This exhibition is a massive collaboration between Texas and Santa Fe-based artists that expands into a new era of art and storytelling for Meow Wolf. 
As a Creative Director, I worked heavily on Lamp Shop Alley, a hyperdense commercial district phasing between universes. With over 40 artists, we created surreal signage, strange creatures, and a bustling soundscape that surrounded guests as they explored the Alley. Guests can become transfixed by an inexplicably strange ATM or or make phone calls to otherworldly beings.
The Real Unreal won first place for Immersive Experience and Inclusion in Blooloop's 2023 Innovation Awards. 
I was also recognized individually as a 2023 influencer in the immersive industry for my work on this project. Blooloop is the world's leading online resource for professionals in the visitor attractions sector.
Off of the Lamp Shop Alley is the Mug Shots Plasmaplex, a grimey old department store where some punky teens have set up some arcade cabinets. In a corner, the old merchandise is piled up into a couch and their trash is collecting inside of the claw machine. At the back of the room, a vending machine is yelling at you in a New York accent.
The Plasmaplex arcade in Meow Wolf Grapevine is a labor of love. With the help of my team, we were able to bring flexible art from indie game artists on to bespoke arcade cabinets. Games by Subliminal Games, Strange Scaffold, Eric Trich and Temitope Olujobi appear on each of our cabinets.
Photos Courtesy of Meow Wolf
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