Packaging - 1000 Faces Coffee

This compostable packaging, nearly a year in the making, reflects the values and aesthetics of the roasters and team at 1000 Faces Coffee. "Aesthetically, we wanted to bring together the origin and the brewer. The spirographs echo coffee blossoms and other organic shapes (incl a lil bean cross-section if you look closely) and the color of the kraft paper with the slight creamy white swirls echo both the gentle steam rising from a hot cup and, of course, the milk designs of latte art. And finally, we love that the bag pays homage to the diversity in coffee origins via the colorful coffee identifier labels. Greenish blues for Africa, reddish tones for Central & South America, purples for Southeast Asia, and good ol' black and white for blends and decaf."

Read more about the design and production of the bags at 1000 Faces’ blog.
Photography by Kristin Karch
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